The Accident
Sebastian, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Huff, Puff Huff, Puff.

“So do you want to do another run around the cabin?” I asked Snowy, feeling proud.

“Rawr,” he screamed, and so he ran inside and made himself a BIG cup of coco. We were in the southern part of Antarctica, and we wanted to take a rest before we went hunting for lunch and supper. We set off. We seemed lost at first, but then the ground started to shake. Snowy realized that a twenty-five-year-old polar bear was running at full speed toward us! Snowy protected me and killed the bear, which gave us a lot of food, but then we noticed that we were in Antarctica, but we did not know where!

Chapter 1 LOST!

We needed shelter before dark; otherwise—


“What was that?” I questioned.

“A pack of polar bears!” Snowy screamed!

I climbed on his back and we ran until they were not in sight. We dug a really big hut, under the freezing ice-cold snow for shelter. When we woke up, half of our hut was melted

“That is bad, VERY BAD!” I yelled.

“The world is ending,” Snowy yelled.


“What was that?” Snowy questioned.

I responded with a frightened answer: “That was the world splitting in-half!”

Snowy ended up on the left side of the crack, and I ended up on the right. The crack got bigger and bigger and so big that the world split in two!

Chapter 2 SEPARATED!

We spent days and nights trying to figure out what to do, and then out of nowhere it hit me: “THE BIGGEST GLUE GUN I’VE SEEN IN MY CRAZY, UPSIDE-DOWN LIFE!” But then I said, "It's too heavy."

I put a log under it, and I jumped on it, and then Snowy got it and he used the big glue gun to power us in place and then glued the world back together. When we met each other, I asked, “I wonder if this will happen again?”

                                 The End

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