Ainsley and Alessia
Faizaan, Age 8, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Ainsley and Alessia were twin sisters.

Ainsley loved cleanliness and used to keep her things well organized and clean. She used to put the trash into the dustbin. Her room was neat and tidy. Alessia spread her things all around the place and used to throw trash on the floor. Her room was a total mess.

During summer holidays, they went for a picnic to a beach. On their way to the beach, they ate chips, biscuits and chocolates. Everybody kept their trash with them in a paper bag, but Alessia put it into plastic bags and started throwing it on the road.

Ainsley tried to explain to her that it is not a good habit and we should take care of our environment. As usual, Alessia didnít listen to her and continued throwing the trash on the road.

When they were walking on the beach, they saw some dead fish.

Ainsley: Do you know as to why these fish died?

Alessia: No idea!

Ainsley: These fish died because of environmental pollution, especially due to plastic bags. When we throw trash and plastic bags on the road and on the beach, it makes our environment polluted and unhealthy. They fly in the air and reach to the water. When fish come to the waterís surface, they get stuck in these plastic bags and are not able to breathe. That is why they die.

After listening to Ainsley, Alessia realized the importance of keeping the environment clean and tidy. She promised not to throw the trash and plastic bags on the road again. She also promised to keep her room clean and tidy and use the dustbin for trash.

As they grew-up, both, Ainsley and Alessia became good girls who took care of their environment, and their home and surroundings were neat and tidy.

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