Calgary Heat
Kyle, Age 9, Calgary, AB


"Nice try, Jack. You almost got it in from half court.”

Hi, I am Jack, and I play for the Calgary Heat. My friends on my team are Anthony and my coach, Paul. We are going against the Minnesota Wolfs in the big game on Saturday.

"They never lost a game that anybody can remember," said Coach Paul in a stern voice.

"We need to work together and try our best-" Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeb! "There is the bell. See you after lunch break."

                             One hour later

“How was your class? We learned about the 18th century. It was boring. How was yours?”

“We learned about fractions and the Halloween party. Are you going to it, James?”

“NO, because we have our practice in the morning. Are you going?”

“Yeah, for a little bit, but our practice is at 10:30am.”

“It’s at 8:30.”

“It is? Bye. I have to tell Molly that I can’t go because of basketball practice. What is Coach Paul doing?”

“Working on practice for tomorrow. Are you exited?”

“No, I want to go to the party tonight. It sounds really fun. Bye.”

                       Tomorrow morning at 8:30

“Hi Anthony and Coach Paul. How was your sleep?”

“It was great. I watched a movie last night; it was really good.”

“Why did you go to the party last night?”

“How do you know?”

“Molly told me. What is the first drill, Coach Paul?”

“Run and do lay-ups and then do the passing drill. Where are you going?”

“To the restroom.”

“We are having a game, my phone says. It's the Banff Bears that are playing us, but then we're out of the finals.”

They all read the message:

Do you want to play a game today?
From the Banff Bears

“Can we play the game, so we can practice for the finals? I am going to see Coach because we need to tell him about the mystery game. Let's do what Coach told us to do until he gets back. This is really bad; we will need to go all the way to Banff and then to Minnesota for the finals.”


“Have a good night, Coach. We are going to Banff to play to the Bears. It is tomorrow at 9:30. We will have to go in an hour. We are going in the team bus. Our team won it for getting the most points against the Phoenix Sharks. It was 254-2. It has bedrooms for everybody and a basketball net all inside of it. It's going to be a fun drive.”

“Is Rex coming too?”

“Yes, he is so he can cheer us on.”

“What jersey are we wearing?”

“Bring both,” said Anthony, “just in case anything happens. We are going to win like last game. Ready to go?"

“Yes,” said Coach Paul.

                             * * * * * * * * * *

“Are we there yet?”

“Five minute away.”

“We are here. Where is the gym?”

“It's gone! Was it a trick?”

“I think so,” said Coach Paul. “There is a note.”

Dear Heat,
We are not here. It was a trick so you would miss your game.
Sincerely, the Bears

“Let’s get to Minnesota fast. We are in trouble, run! Where are the buses?”

“The bears took it and drove in our bus. Throw your ball at the car.”



“Are you okay?”

“Hello, it did not crash. They are not in it—run!”

“Great, we are in the car and now we can drive to the game. Let's go. Is the net all ready to shoot on?”

“Yes, it is.”

                             * * * * * * * * * *

“Where are we?”

“I do not know. It looks like a restroom. We are going to the bathroom and to get some food and a movie so when it is night we can watch it. The movie is called Thunderstruck. It is a basketball movie and it will get us ready for tomorrow. We are going to stay in Columbus to play the Foxes for the semifinals. We are already in the finals because we won lots, so we can be in 2nd place. The Foxes are in 3rd place. We won 65 games and lost 3, so we played well.”

                             * * * * * * * * * *

“We are here. They are warming up. Run. Here comes the Calgary Heat. Go REX!”

Anthony took the jump ball. There was a time out call, and the Foxes came in too. Coach Paul said, “Good job.”


“We won!!!!! Good game. Let’s get to the finals.”

                             * * * * * * * * * *

“We are here early; let’s warm up. They are here; let’s start.”

“There are 10 seconds left,” said the score person. It was tied 39-39. Jack got the ball. He ran 3... 2... shoot swish wewewe 1...0!

“It’s in!!! We won! Let’s celebrate! Let’s go for ice cream to celebrate our victory. Good game, team.”

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