Canada Day
Raven, Age 9, Calgary, AB


Ben shot off his new toy rocket.

"That was awesome," said Carmen.

"Ya," replied Ben.

"I wish I could do it again, but it flew so far away I can't find it."

"Well let's go find it!"

Then they looked all through the park. Carmen yelled, "I found it!" and then came sprinting towards Ben. Carmen then tripped over a tree root but the rocket was right there, so Ben grabbed it. They took it back to the launching pad and then it took off but luckily Carmen kept an eye on it and followed it all the way to where it landed. Carmen and Ben walked back home and then Ben wished Carmen luck on her math test that she had the next day.

Ben and Carmen walked to school and their teacher gave them their math tests. Carmen tried as hard as she could and finally she was finished at the end of the day. She walked back to her house with Ben and said, ďI really hope I get an A+ on my math test.Ē Just then they got to their houses and said bye.

Finally today she would get her results on her math test. She crossed her fingers as she walked into the classroom. She sat down at her desk and her teacher gave her the math test with a mark on it. She closed her eyes, flipped it over, and opened her eyes and saw that she had got an A+ on her math test! Her smile was so big that her mouth got sore. When she walked back to her house with Ben and told him that she got an A+, Ben said that he got a B- but he didnít care.

Next week was Canada Day, and they wanted to go to the fireworks, but they didnít have any way to get there, so Carmenís mom was going to drive them. Carmen walked up her front stairs, put her backpack on the table, and showed her mom her A+. The next day Ben told Carmen that he was getting a dog and said that it was going to be a puppy. But Monday was Canada Day, and Ben was getting a dog on Canada Day, and Carmen wanted to go with him to get the dog, so they just skipped all the events that were in the daytime and went to the fireworks at night. Carmen and Ben went to the park and played for the rest of the day. Carmen went home and told her mom what she was doing on Monday.

Today was Monday. Carmen got ready and went to Ben's house. Carmen rang his doorbell and his dad answered and said that they were going all the way to the country. Carmen didnít really care as long as they got back for the fireworks. Ben and Carmen and Ben's dad drove all the way through Calgary and finally they got to Airdrie. They got out of the car went into the pet shop, and Ben chose out a puppy golden retriever. Carmen followed them to get a chew toy, treats, food, grooming supplies, a bed, and a water and food dish. They bought all the stuff and then went back to their house just in time for the fireworks. Carmenís mom drove them downtown to see the fireworks. They went to the Lions Bridge to watch the fireworks go off. They were all different kinds of colors - red, blue, orange, pink, green, purple and yellow. There were ones that curved as they were going up in the sky. There were ones that exploded in the sky.

"This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!" said Carmen.

"Me too," said Ben.

The fireworks stopped around 9:30. Carmen's mom came and picked them up then dropped Ben off first and then they parked outside Carmenís house and went in. Carmen told her all about the fireworks - how bright they were, how colorful they were, and how cool they were. Carmen wanted to take her mom to them next year. 

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