Charlie and the Vegetables
Charlotte, Age 10, USA

On a planet far, far away there once was a little baby boy named Charlie. Now don't get me wrong, he was a cute little boy, but he had a small difference. He was what we call an alien.

Now I wish I could tell you this story: The aliens took over our world and soon the army saved the world and the aliens and Charlie were never seen again.
How I wish I could write that, but I do not say nor ink a lie.

This story takes place in a not so interesting environment. A farmersí market. In the farmersí market there was normal food and normal junk and normal knickknacks. There was never any excitement. "New bottled water," said the manager. That was about all the excitement for the shoppers as the lines piled up.

But there was about one person not listening. His name was Max-Ernest. He went to look at some small looking vegetables. They were smaller than carrots and smaller than dust. That brings me to my next topic. The vegetables were so small and so much money that nobody bought them. The boy Max-Ernest bought one because he loved vegetables. He put it in a jar and put it in the cabinet and went to bed. He lived across the street from the farmersí market. That night a large bang came from the kitchen then... well that did not really happen.

There was not a sound when the aliens arrived because they were small and careful. They worked together to get the jar and they were off. When they got back to their planet, they failed in many attempts to open the jar. Charlie, the little alien baby, was so smart he invented the first can opener and the whole planet gave Charlie the odd vegetable. They called it the jelly bean. Soon the world found the can opener and jelly bean recipes and blue prints. Till this day, people are cutting themselves with can openers and getting sick because of jelly beans (jelly beans are now what we call candy).

                                                    THE END

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