The Journey to the Extinct Flower!
Carly, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Do you really think this is possible? If anybody can do it, it is us. Amy and Nathan were going to climb the world's biggest and most dangers volcano to get an almost extinct flower: the pink bell daisy. Now where are the bags and food? Okay get in the car. Off we go! It takes five hours to get to the volcano.

They arrive at the volcano and get out of the car. Then they find a place to set up camp and they set off to find the pink bell daisy. They start making their way up to the volcano. They get to the top and notice that the cave is at the bottom. Then they start to go to the bottom. Now they have to find the cave.

They find the cave and go in the huge cave. They see a little light. They start going towards the light. Before they get to the light, they find themselves falling down.

When they hit the bottom, it has been an hour. It is very dark and then they turn on their flashlights and all they see are walls and tunnels. They see a little white thing and they touch it and lights turn on everywhere. They see mining cars and explosive stuff. They see skeletons with mining hats on. These see rock things that are floating in mid air. They decide to jump onto them and they start moving towards the other side of the cliff. The rocks start cracking and they start floating. When they land they are on another cliff. They have to go through the lava but they can see the flower, but they canít get to it, so they have to figure out a way to get to the pink bell daisy. 

So they decide to take a drill out of their backpack. They start drilling through the cliff, but it doesnít work, so they have to get another drill. So they start drilling together and it makes a crack and then it splits. They go falling. They hit ground. They see the pink bell daisy. When they go to step forward, there are these plants that freeze you so you have to be very careful. Luckily, they donít touch them, and they reach for the pink bell daisy. The ground starts lowering. Luckily, they grab onto the pink bell daisy and then they get blasted up and out of the volcano.

They land in their camp. They wrap the pink bell daisy up and start packing to go home and call their parents. When they get home, they unwrap it and use it for a whole bunch of things.

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