Karate Trouble
Marjorie, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Snap went the karate wood. It was split in half by P.J, an average boy who loves karate. But thatís not the reason why he loves it. It is because his grandfather was a karate chopping master. So he always wanted to become like him. But thatís not all he did. He also hung out with his two best friends named Wendy and Mable

"That was a good one," said P.J.

"Totally!" said Wendy in a surprised voice.

The three friends were at P.J.ís karate chopping practice, every day at 8:00pm. P.J. was practicing for the championship finals. If he won, he could be like his grandpa!

"Hey P.J., do you want to go to my house and study because itís pretty late and was haven't studied and our test is tomorrow," said Mable.

"Ya," said P.J. and Wendy.

So they went to Mableís house and after they studied they decided they would just spend the night at Mableís house! Once they woke-up, they rushed to the school bus, but the only problem was P.J. didnít have clothes to wear because he was a boy. Wendy and Mable could just share clothes, so P.J. had to wear Mableís dadís clothes! Once they got off from school, P.J. got ready for karate practice.

This time at karate practice they were chopping wood and doing games. Once they arrived, there was old Manny Hefley, P.J.ís worst enemy. This is the story of why they were even enemies at all. It all started on a regular school day. They were in the hallway and Manny was showing everybody P.J.'s baby pictures. Because of that, he lost some of his good friends, so they were never friends again. So back to karate practice.

"Hey, P.J." said Manny.

"Hey, Manny," said P.J. in a very mad and tough way.

"I am so going to beat you at the finals," said Manny.

Soon it was time to chop some wood! When it was time for his turn, Manny pushed P.J. right into the wood. Once the instructor saw what had happened, he rushed to see if P.J. was okay. The instructor took P.J. to the hospital to see if he was okay. The doctor said he thought P.J.ís hand was broken and they would just have to do more tests. For now, he had to have a cast for a couple of weeks!

"Thereís nothing to worry about P.J.," said Wendy.

"But itís the hand I chop with," said P.J. nervously.

All of them went home. Once P.J. got home, he started chopping wood with his cast, just in case his arm did not heal in time. It hurt him but was for the best! Once they got to school, there was a whole line up to sign his cast. Once the teachers saw him, they would sign his cast or give him money. The money part was very weird, but P.J. was saving up to get an iPad, so maybe at the end of the day he would have enough to buy an iPad.

After school, it was the same thing as usual to get ready for karate practice. But that was not happening. He had to stay home because of his broken arm. On the bright side, Manny got kicked off the team because he broke P.J.ís arm! Because P.J. had to stay home, he thought maybe heíd invite his friends over for dinner, so he called Wendy and Mable. After they ate dinner, they studied.

"Oh man, how could Manny do this to me? It makes me so mad that I canít find the word to describe my feelings," said P.J. fiercely.

The finals were coming up and P.J.ís arm hadnít healed yet.

"Iím sure you will beat Manny at the finals," said Wendy and Mable!

A week passed, and P.J, Mable and Wendy were at the finals. Everybody had someone they were going to battle, and P.J. was set up with Manny. But Manny and P.J. were going to battle at the very end! It was the time, the time P.J. would battle Manny. They first chopped wood. Next they chopped metal. For the final round, they would have to chop iron! When P.J. chopped it, his cast cut in half, but he managed to do it with or without his cast. When his hand touched the iron, some kind of strength snapped within him, and the iron split in half! It was Manny's turn. Manny chopped it, but P.J. noticed Manny was cheating because he had a fake hand to help him. So P.J. told the coach and Manny was eliminated. So that meant P.J. won in a blink of an eye. Wendy and Mable came running and hugged P.J., and they all went home.

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