The Land to Earth
Abby, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Chapter 1: The Welcome

Crash Bang Boom!

Molly and her dog called Kettle-Corn saw a spaceship. She did not know how to get home because the spaceship crashed on her bike. She was excited about the not-existing thing that no person has seen one before. “Aaaaaaaahhhhh...actually what is in there, Kettle-Corn? Attack the non-existing thing that no person has seen before now! There is lots of wonderful stuff to be explored. ‘Molly,’ my grandma would say, ‘be brave!’”

The spaceship's door opened and steam puffed out of the non-existing thing. The pilot came out, followed by smaller versions of Kettle-Corn and Molly.

Chapter 2: The Land of Help

“This is planet Earth. Hello, what is your name?”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Molly. What is your name, space creature?”

“My name is Molly, and this is my puppy Kettle-Corn. This guy is getting very near your spaceship. It crashed in the mud. I will call someone for help.

“Thank you, earthlings! I mean, thank you, Moll.”

“You're welcome.”



Ten seconds later, an At-Co guy arrived. He said the spaceship was broken, and then, after they found out, he said, “Let’s go to Kelly’s.” Five seconds later, they got to Kelly’s. They asked Kelly if she had it a replacement part for the spaceship, and she did. It was a perfect match to the other one.

Chapter 3: The Best Day Ever

They got back in two seconds. Straight away they fixed it, and they put it in backwards. After they put it in the right way, they said, “Supercalafrajelisticecspataladoshes!” After he got into his driver seat, it went click clack, and it worked. They all said “Supercalafrajelisticexpadaladoshes.” Then they said it lots more times. After, they had a big party. They all said, “Farewell. Hope you come back soon. Love you. Bye, wish you luck.” 

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