The Magnificent Castle
Melina, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Chapter 1: The Dream

“RRROOOAARR!!!!” the monster shouted at Brianna with a powerful loud voice.

“Ahhhhh!” screamed Brianna, as she jumped out of bed.

“What’s wrong?” Carolyn, Brianna’s mom, asked.

“Oh nothing, just a bad dream again, Mom.”

“Alright then, sweetie,” she replied.

At school that day in the cafeteria, Cade asked with excitement, “Hey Brianna, how’s it going?”

“Oh fine, but I can’t wait till Halloween tomorrow!” she replied, also with excitement.

“Well, remember to come to my place after school tomorrow at four,” Cade told her with a happy voice.

“I’ll be there!” she answered while she jumped up and down with excitement.

The next day at Cade’s house, Brianna had just got there.

“Hi Cade.”

“Hey Brianna, have you decided on where to go for the scream fest?” Cade replied.

“Yup!! We are going to the Castle of Screams!! I can’t wait!”

“Awesome,” Cade said nervously.

“Well, let’s go!” Brianna shouted with laughter.

After a forty-five minute drive they finally came to the Castle of Screams.

Chapter 2: St. Zelda Bone

“Awesome, I heard that it’s haunted by the evil soul of St. Zelda Bone, the ancient evil queen who took over the castle and went inside but never came out!” Brianna cried out with a yell to scare Cade.

“Well let’s just get it over with.” Cade could tell by his heartbeat something would happen.

“DING DONG!” the doorbell shrieked.

“Whoa, this is so cool,” Brianna cried with happiness.

“Hello, anybody home?” Cade said frightened.

“BOOM!!!” the door slammed right after they both came in.

“Wow that was a little creepy,” Brianna said, starting to get scared and inside her she felt a bit of suspicion running down her spin.

“You think?” Cade replied.

“Hello...” a strange but womanly voice said. “I am Zelda your touring helper.”

“Oh well, hello, Zelda, so, let’s get started please,” Brianna asked.

About an hour had passed and they were in the library in the castle. “What a lovely place, don’t you think?” Zelda asked.

“Oh yeah, marvelous,” Cade replied. “Where are you going, Zelda?”

Chapter 3: The Trap!

“Boom!” The door to the library slammed closed. “See, Brianna, I knew this place was haunted and scary and Zelda is the soul of St. Zelda Bone! Hello, Brianna, where are you?” Cade asked nervously.


“Where are you?” he screamed.

“On the ladder, tied up, help!” Brianna shrieked. “I’m so sorry I did not believe you at first.” She cried in tears that were baby blue as Cade was helping her loosen up the strong ropes.

“Let’s get out of here! And fast,” Cade yelled, sprinting to the large wooden door of suspense. “Oh no, the door is locked shut. What are we going to do now?” Cade shivered asking himself.


“Oh my gosh. It’s a monster, and it has a red collar that says “Chip.” What a cute name. Oh and it’s friendly it has pretty white hair. Oh it's actually a rainbow horned unicorn!" Brianna exclaimed to Cade.

Chapter 4: “Chip”

“Maybe Chip can help up get out of this place and defeat Zelda once and for all so she will not rule,” Cade cried with excitement.

“Yeah, great idea, Cade!” Brianna replied.

Chip, Brianna and Cade went to the main floor to defeat Zelda, but Chip warned them about her fire attack that will burn steel in under a second and that you need to pour water on her to melt her and her soul.

“Thanks, Chip, that will sure help us defeat Zelda with strength and power against her!” Brianna said with confidence.

“Well I can track Zelda with my sense of smell,” Chip added.

After a short ten-minute walk they found Zelda at the high balcony of the Castle of Screams.

Chapter 5: Someone in the Hall

Suddenly a flash of light! "Wow we have been walking about two minutes, but we are far from where we started.” Brianna exclaimed.

“Oooooooooo,” a strange voice shouted from down the large hall of terrors.

“Hello, anybody there? Um can you show yourself? Please show yourself?” Cade asked with a fright in his stomach.

When the light flashed, the strange voice took Cade and trapped him behind bars. “Oh no, Cade, are you okay?”

“Yah, but I hurt my ankle.” They both rode on Chip to find Zelda and Brianna tried to cover his wound.

Chapter 6: To Defeat

“Aha, Zelda, we found you at last!” Cade shouted at her. As Cade was shouting she looked at Brianna holding a bucket of fresh water.

“Why do you have that bucket of water there, child?” Zelda asked frightened.

“TO DEFEAT YOU ZELDA!” they all shouted! Brianna and Cade both dumped the large bucket of water on her and she melted and all her powers went to Cade and Brianna.

They could fly and they flew home with joy, and Chip stayed at the castle to protect it.

"Wow, will we ever get to do this again?" Brianna thought to herself.

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