The Unexpected Minecraft Game
Zoe, Age 8, Calgary, AB

One chilly fall day in Ireland when the leaves were falling, there were three animals. One was named Whiskers, another one was named Chippy, and the last one was named Brownie. They were all sisters.

They all had special abilities. Chippy could climb up a very, very tall tree in just five seconds!!!! Brownie could run faster than a cheetah! (And thatís fast!) And Whiskers could jump higher than a kangaroo! So anyway...

The three sisters were playing in the woods one day, and Whiskers said, "Letís gather supplies for winter and meet back here in an hour." Brownie ran off to get bedding for them. Chippy went to find food for them, and Whiskers went to find a place to stay for the winter.

One hour later they all came back from the search. "Did you find anything?" asked Whiskers.

"I found ten berries, twenty-five nuts and fifteen pieces of meat," said Chippy.


"I found something with baby birds in it."

"WHAT?" Whiskers screamed.


"I didnít ask you to repeat it Brownie," commented Whiskers.

"Let me see those things," said Chippy.

"Okay. Here."

"Thanks Brownie," said Chippy. "It is a pillow, Brownie."

"Ahhhhh, bummer," said Whiskers.

"I found three pillows," said Brownie.

"Good job Brownie," said Whiskers. "Did you find any place to stay?"

"Yes, follow me."

"Dan, dan, daaan," the two sisters agreed.

"Letís go then."í

"How long does it take to get there?" asked Brownie. "My feet hurt."

"We should be there in a blink of an eye."

One blink of an eye later, they werenít there. They were on a cliff! "How the heck did we get here?" questioned Brownie.

"Letís go!" said Chippy exited.

"Gee, what a lunatic!"

"Come on, guys, I donít want to wait," yelled Chippy.


So the three sisters jumped off the cliff.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Suddenly there was a portal, blizzzrkkkkk. "Wow I feel different," said Brownie.

"Um, open your eyes, Brownie. You too, Chippy."

"So here it isÖOH, MY GOSÖ."

"Donít say it, Brownie, please do not swear."



"Who is it?" questioned an unfamiliar voice. Woof, woof, meow, meow, sniff, and sniff.

"What the?" Suddenly the door opened with a gentle creek.

"Oh my god," the two sisters said with a gasp.

"Donít swear, girls," said Chippy with a sigh. Their names were Mariapaz and Zoe.

"Come in here, guys."

When they got in the house, they looked around. There were toys, bones, a dinner table, and a fireplace. Just then, they realized they would have a home for life, even though everything was made of squares. 

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