The Missing Snowman Head
Cade, Age 9, Calgary, AB

It was a nice snowy winter day, but then - Boom! "Oops, hey you knocked off his head," yelled Jerry.

"Sorry I didn't mean to knock his head off. Can we be friends if I get us some hot chocolate?"

"Well, okay. Iím Jerry."

"And Iím Pete."

"I will go get some hot chocolate for you and me."

"I will come too."

"Where is the chocolate?"

"Here it is."

"AAAA hot!"

"Let me get some ice."

"Yes please."

"Better! Yummy in my tummy," said Jerry.

"Letís go back and build some more."


"Hey the snow manís head is gone."

"Letís go and look around for clues."

"Hey look - footprints that lead into the forest. Letís go."

"No, I will not go into the forest," yelled Pete.

"Come on, we have to find the snow manís head."

"Canít we just build another one?"

"No, we canít build another one, it wonít be the same."

"Okay then. But after, you have to promise that we will have a snowball

"Fine, letís go now."

They kept walking in the cold and dark forest, but then they paused at a bush.

"What took our snowman's head and hid it behind that bush?"

Munch munch crunch.

"It sounds like a troll! A troll took our head!"

"No, it didn't."

"Fine, then you look."


"Hey look, a moose is eating our snowman's head."

"I knew it wasn't a troll," said Pete.

"Get it!"

"There I got it! Letís run."

"Letís rebuild the parts that the moose ate."

"Okay. The moose ate the nose and almost half of his head."

"I will go get the carrot. You build his head again."

"I built his head again. Do you have the carrot?


"Put the carrot back on his head. There. Now letís put his head back on."

"There the body has a head."

"Can we have the snowball fight now?"


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