Moustache vs. the Shaver Squad
Aaron, Age 10, Belmont, CA

Hi! I live in a land called Fur-ball-topia. Some beards call it Furryolo. I guess they call it that because it is fun to say.

4:03 pm - My Room
One day I was just minding my own business, but then I heard the most terrifying knock on the door. It sounded like a bomb going off. The door collapsed right on the floor. It was the scariest thing in Fur-ball-topia! (Furryolo)

It was the Shaver at the door. He was made out of the sharpest blades known to mustaches. He was part of the Super Evil Shaving Squad. He had the meanest face of all Fur-ball-topia. All of a sudden the rest of the Evil Shaving Squad appeared from outside my door. The Scissors, the Shredder, and the Nose Shaver!

Good thing I had a pan in my kitchen. I swatted the Shaver as hard as I could with that pan. He didn't feel a thing. He was made out of metal.

3:25 pm - The Dump
"Holy poo," the Scissors exclaimed. He saw a shiny gold thing. The Nose Shaver leaped out to get it. As he was about to touch it, the gold thing flew higher and higher in the sky. The Super Evil Shaving Squad went chasing after it as if they were flies going to the light. The gold thing went straight in my room. It hit me, and I didn't even notice! “WHY FLUFFY, ME, WHY!!!!!!

4:07 pm - Back to the Room
The Super Evil Shaving Squad were attacking me at every corner. My only chance was to jump, so I did. As I was falling out the window, a duck with a giant beard appeared! I landed on him and flew away. Then the duck spoke, "I shall be the guardian angel for you." Oh my goodness!

4:20 pm - In the Air
I had a little conversation with the duck. We became friends. He is pretty cool. His name is Fernando. Fernando dropped me off by the bus stop.

4:27 pm - At the Bus Stop
The bus driver had a nice friendly voice. "Come on in," she said. I inspected the bus before I got in. There was no Shaver around, I thought to myself, so I went in. The bus driver took off her mask. It was the fiendish Shaver!! All the citizens were the rest of the Super Evil Shaving Squad.

All of a sudden, a whole bunch of birds flew inside the bus by breaking the windows. They all pooped on them. The Super Evil Shaving Squad died from heart attacks, all thanks to Fernando and his friends!

                                                         The End

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