Mystery Mall
Hudson, Age 6, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One day I went to the mall with my friends. One by one my friends started to disappear. First, Ava turned the corner ahead of me and POOF - Ava was gone! Then Julian said, “I have to go to the bathroom.” POOF - Julian was gone! Then we went upstairs. Abigail went before me. POOF - Abigail was gone! Me and Thea looked back. When we looked back – POOF – Renee was gone! Me and Thea hugged. I said, “Luckily we are still here.” Thea fell through a trap door. All I heard was Thea yelling and the closing of the trap door. Ava disappeared because she was getting the traps ready. Oops, I stepped in the trap. I fell with Thea. We closed our eyes. Then when we opened our eyes, we were standing inside a party room! We were surprised. We said...”YEAH!!”

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