Natalie's Parents
Romany, Age 11, Aldershot, England

"Everything's hectic in this stupid house! Not once today have I sat down!" shouted Natalie's father, Chris. Natalie ran upstairs, scared of what her father might do. But when she looked behind her, trailing her steps was Chris. She ran upstairs, put on her stereo and lay on her bed looking up at the ceiling. Suddenly, there was a knock on her bedroom door. Her father stepped in, leaving his suitcase behind him.

"Kiddo, you know I love you and your mother to bits, but the truth is I'm getting ill through stress, so I'm leaving and you may not see me again," claimed Chris.

"No, Daddy!" she shouted as he gave her a kiss on the head and left the room empty. Natalie broke down in tears, thinking about what life was going to be like now that her favourite parent had gone. Natalie and her mum were struggling with money and it was only her dad's job that kept them going. Natalie was sure that she was going to be left on the streets.

The next morning, Natalie awoke to see her bedroom was trashed. She screamed and ran into her mum's bedroom.

"Mum?" she sobbed. There was no reply. Natalie pulled back the sheets to find an empty blood stained bed. What had happened? Natalie grabbed her slippers and pulled on her dressing gown then ran across the street to the neighbours saying that her mum's bed was covered in blood. The neighbours then took Natalie upstairs and put her in the toy room with a milkshake and some biscuits. Susana and Mark, the neighbours, rushed over to the house to find Natalie's mum sitting on the sofa drinking tea. Sounds normal? Her face was ghostly white and she had a knife in her side. Who or what monster had done this?

To be continued...

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