Phone Home
Rahil, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Shhh thump.

“Hello, hello? Anybody there? Grandpa is it you?”

The alien said, “No, I am an alien.”

“I am Mike.

“Have you seen a phone?”

“Oh, is this is it?”

“Yes, you found my phone. Now I can call home.”

“Why are you not in outer-space? You can text to your homeland, so then you can ask if you can stay down here. I will take care of you. So let's go to my house and play video games. Alien, come on. We will go. Okay, here's my address. So how is it being tracked by the government? Okay, you should be going to your homeland because my dad is working for the government. Alien you should call your mom and tell her that you walked.”

Eeieieieiek shhhhhhhh.

“Come visit next time. Alien, I will see you next time.”

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