Rex the Superhero
Ayush, Age 13, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

It is difficult to grow up in New York alone, but not for Rex. The “weirdo” boy had no friends except Zeus, his bulldog. This blonde, black-eyed, lanky boy had no other work than delivering pizzas, that too for a fat grumpy man. His salary was also not good enough, but he couldn't survive if he quit this job.

This all happened due to a mad scientist, who coincidentally happened to be his uncle. If they were not related, his uncle might have tortured or even killed him by now. This psycho had tried an experiment on Rex’s mother and father, exposing them to way too harmful an amount of nuclear radiation, eventually slowly and steadily killing them. When Rex was born, his mother died and soon after his father also left him for heaven, leaving him only a house and a pet “Zeus.” The house was taken by his uncle, leaving him in the dark alleys of New York with only a pet.

Growing up alone, he had only one goal- to avenge the death of his parents. He would do anything to achieve this.

Throwing a chunk of meat in Zeus’s direction, he left for work. Heading to the pizza store, he started humming some of his favorite songs.

“You, take these pizzas to Broadway and these ones to Park Avenue, will ya?” snapped the grumpy old man.

Hopping on his bicycle, he left for the two places. Just about ten minutes later, a gang of children from his block came round the corner.

“Look who it is. It’s the weirdo,” said the leader of the gang coming in the way of his bicycle.

“Well don’t disturb me now or...”

“Or what? The weirdo will fight us? Come on then, come on,” the gang leader taunted.

The gang pushed Rex, causing him to fall on the ground along with the bicycle. All the pizzas got ruined.

“I guess we have done our work here. Let's go now,” said Jake, the gang leader running away.

"Take that!" shouted Rex, charging at Jake.

Jake went crashing into a nearby shop window and all the gang members fled leaving Jake. His face was a mix of blood and tears. Rex returned to the shop red-faced, and got a nice scolding from the owner.

"Well, it has been a bad day Zeus," Rex said sitting on the chair.

He continued to get such brutal kind of behavior for many days. It seemed as if he had grown used to it. But then came the day his life changed, and this story is all about that.

The experiment conducted by his uncle, who had exposed his parents to nuclear radiation, had actually given him some powers. The boy was actually a mutant.

Zeus started stepping on his favorite toy continuously.

"Good idea, Zeus," exclaimed Rex.

"Let’s go!"

They both started for their uncle’s house with nothing in mind but cold-blooded revenge.

"Hello, anybody home? Looks like I will have to discover my past on my own."

He searched the attic and found three folders with his name written on them.

"We will read these when we go home."

As they were going out, they found a black car approaching and their uncle coming out from it.

"Let’s take the back door, Zeus."

They had just got out of the house when the black limo stopped and a hand grabbed them inside.

After a while, Rex woke up only to be found in a 5-star room. As soon as he woke up, three bodyguards entered the room and took him outside. A man was waiting for him outside.

"Welcome, Mr. Rex," said the man

"How do you know my name?"

"I know everything about you, even about your family," said the man. "I am John Crowe and will help you take your revenge and give you power beyond imagination."

Mr. Crowe took Rex with him to a school specially built for villainous children. There, Rex received training in various forms of combat and learnt how to nurture his inner talent. Then came the final stage of his learning - to face a real person.

"Kill him Rex, use your inner power."

A red beam of laser erupted from his hand turning the man into ashes into seconds.

John took Rex into a room with ultra-high technology. He practiced evading, dodging and cutting titanium balls with his laser.

The next day, Rex along with a few other people went to his uncle’s house. Just when he was about to blast the house, his father’s voice rang up inside his head, stopping him from doing it. Soon after, a group of good mutants ended up on the same street.

"Don’t do this, Rex. John will use you as a stepping stone," the leader said.

"Don’t listen to him, lad. He’s just jealous of your powers," John snapped.

"Your parents died because of an accident. Your uncle did not do it purposely," the leader said. "Would your father want you to do this?" the leader said.

A beam erupted from Rex hand and formed a cage with John inside it.

"You can take him now," Rex said.

"Why don’t you and Zeus join our superhero school?" the leader asked.

"I would love to. I will probably join next summer. Bye!" Rex said.

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