The Seaweed Monster
Ethan, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Chapter 1 - What is it?

Skuploosh. A baby bird has been pulled under water. The bird’s mom goes to help. More animals are being pulled under water, HELP HELP! The animals need help. Suddenly two ostriches show up and start to save the people.

“Thank you,” everyone cries. "What are your names?" ask the people.

"My name is Ostrich Jon."

"And my name is Ostrich Fred. We like to be called the ostrich brothers."

Suddenly the police show up with the ambulance. "Is everyone okay?" ask the police.

"Yes," a hippo says. "These ostriches saved us."
The police ask the ostriches to work with the police and the ostriches say yes. At the police station the ostrich brothers try to find out what attacked everyone while playing cards until someone tells them that there is someone to see them. It's Mom Ostrich trying to convince them that their job is too dangerous, but it doesn't work, and they decide to stay and work with the police.

Chapter 2 - It’s gone!

The next morning, the Ostrich Brothers go to investigate the water to see if anything suspicious is going on. They notice that there is no water so they go to find water. After days of hiking, they see an animal, so they ask where the nearest water is. He points at some extremely tall buildings, so they run as fast as possible. When they arrive, they see a sign that says “Welcome to NY/New York.” The Ostrich Brothers see loads of water, so they run back home to tell the others about it and to bring buckets, but a mad hippo doesn't agree and starts to make others not believe it, but the ones who do decide to come with buckets and come back with loads of water and fill all the holes with water.

Chapter 3 - Victory

But the next day the Ostrich Brothers wake up to people yelling. They start to run to where the yelling is coming from. "Just as I thought - the monster," Ostrich Jon says. "And it has our mom!" So they go to fight the monster. They make water balloons and throw it at the monster, but it doesn't work, so they get sharpened sticks and tie them to string even though there is no string there. The brothers toss the string over the monster and the pointy ends stab into the ground. The seaweed monster is trapped to the ground, so they handcuff the monster and he is sent to jail for two years, and then they release him. But back in the Arctic, someone yells...

The end... or is it!

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