Snowstorm in Fall
Sophie, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Chapter 1 - Hopscotch, Carrots and Bread

“I’ll be back at the end of fall!” Autumn watched as her father, still waving, disappeared over the horizon along with all the other boys on a camping trip.

“I’m hungry!” whined May, Autumn’s five years old sister.

“Supper is in an hour, May,” called Autumn.

Just then May’s friends walked up and asked if May could play hopscotch. “O.K!” May called, running to get her chalk.

Autumn stepped into their small house made of reeds, mud and clay. A fire burnt in the pit with a large pot of carrots and boiling water hanging over it. Her mother sat on the huge bed they all shared. She wore a work dress with a light blouse underneath.

“I’ll go get some bread from the bakery,” offered Autumn. “O.K., here is two dollars. Do you think it will be enough for a loaf of bread?” Autumn’s mom asked.

Chapter 2 - At the Bakery

Autumn got to the bakery quickly and was about to leave with her loaf of brown bread when something outside caught her eye. Snow! Autumn rushed home through the cold and wind to find a fire lit, stew ready, and May home. “I have bread,” said Autumn. They ate in silence.

“Will Daddy be okay?” asked May.

“I hope so.”

The next morning, they woke to find snow everywhere! Everyone put on their coats, boots and went outside without breakfast. Autumn had been making a snow fort with her friend Amy when something caught her eye. Her dad was home! That night they all had soup and pie for supper. Everyone felt relieved that they were safe.

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