The World
Iman, Age 13, Los Baņos, Laguna, Philippines

The world around me... what an interesting thing it is. It may be bad in some ways but good in most. We humans are hopeless because we just don't know what we have. Who knows what the world holds in store? I am nothing but a tiny speck of dust compared to this world, but that is exactly what this world is to the rest of this universe. We do
not matter to anything bigger. We do not appear as anything at all.  As I write though, I wish to make a change. How? How would I know? The environment; what if it just saves itself? The government; what if they just give up? No, how I want to change the world is not the right question for there is no right answer. Ask me why? That is still not right. Ask me what? Now that is the one. Not our Mother Earth but the world. Not the world we live in, but the world we believe in.

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