The Adventure
June, Age 9, Calgary, AB

WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! Spots the dog was playing with Keylime the parrot. Spots was a Kishu with white long fur and big brown eyes. Keylime was a green orange blue and black parrot. One day Spots and Keylime were going on boat. But they saw a tornado.
“Haaa a tornado!”

The tornado attacked them. When they woke up they were at an island. At the island they met a spider.

“Hi, my name is Bob.” He was brown and black. Spots and Bob went to look for food.  Keylime was looking for a place to sleep. But Keylime saw a panther was chasing him.  Keylime flew into a tree because he was not paying attention to where he was going.

“Where am I?" he asked.

Bob and Spots were looking for Keylime. "Where are you?" But Keylime was nowhere to be seen. Bob looked in the tall trees.

“Where are you?” questioned Spot.

Spots looked on the ground. Keylime tried to escape from the panther, but the panther scratched Keylime and he fell and broke his wing. A parrot named Blue saved him from the panther.

"The panther is chasing us!"

"Haaaa." The panther jumped as high as he could and caught the two birds. He carried them home. Bob saw the panther take Keylime and Blue to its home. Bob ran to go find Spots to tell him he knew where Keylime was. “I know where Keylime is.” Bob saw a fly.

"Mmmm that fly looks good." Bob chased it until he didn’t know where he was.

"Where are you, Bob?" Spots exclaimed. The island was so big that if you went nine steps into the island you could get lost. Spots found a rare type of flower. The flower was blue and yellow. Spots took the flower with him. He saw some footsteps. Spots followed the footsteps into a dark cave. He found the panther sleeping. Keylime and Blue were in a cage. Spots tiptoed and grabbed them out of the cage. Bob found them. They all went back to the beach. Spots got in the boat.

"Get in the boat," Spots said.

"I think I'll stay here," exclaimed Bob. And Spots rowed back home.

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