Beverly, Age 13, Dayton, OH

Those who deceive us will eventually tear us apart and will attempt to lead us towards self-destruction. People who deceive us can be anyone - you never know what to believe or whom to trust. For those who deceive us are not true friends, and certainly not real.
You won't know what's true, and what's not. Eventually, those secrets of deception will always be exposed, and reveal the true darkness of themselves. Someone who deceives is not trustworthy: they don't have a heart.

Deceivers, why do you do it? Does it make you feel better? Does it cover up your shame? I don't get why you feel the need to lie. Be truthful; be respectful - once you stop lying, your life will be better. It will make people care more. Sooner or later, people will forgive you.

Eventually, those who lie will learn and once they do at least you won't be led down a fateful path of deception, darkness, and betrayal led by deceivers.   

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