The King Is Lost
Rohin, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Chapter 1: Where Did the King Go?

One dark day, the king was gone. No one could find him. Rohin, the king’s friend, and Cade, his best friend, were looking around for the king. Cade said, "This is like hide and go seek." Rohin was tall, he had brown hair, and he rode a horse named Bobby. Cade had blond hair, he was tall, and he had a horse named Chip.

They got back from fighting in the ogre’s den. "It was smelly," said Rohin. Rohin and Cade were wondering where the king was. So they were looking all around in the castle.
Cade got tired and said, "I am tired. We can look for him tomorrow."

He put his hand on a brick, but then the brick moved and opened a passageway in the middle of the hallway.

Chapter 2: Passage

Rohin and Cade went into the passage. They saw something on the wall. It said, “Go this way and you will get a lot of…” They did not even look at the last part because they just followed it. And the king's crown was on the floor. They jumped on a nearby horse. The horse got tired, so they started walking, but Rohin almost fell into a snake pit, so Rohin got his bow and arrow. Both got over the snake pit. Then they got to a swamp.

Chapter 3: The Dragon King

Rohin and Cade kept walking until they saw a shack as big twenty-two houses. So Cade made a huge fire, which they watched for one to two minutes, and then a gigantic troll came to the fire and looked all around. What he did not see was Rohin and Cade, who ran inside. They saw the king and they unlocked him. They got him out, but then the dragon came and saw what had happened. Then all of the king’s men came and the king ran for it. They jumped over the snake pit, ran past the hallway hitting the brick, and blocked it with everything. The dragon was never seen again.

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