The Journey of a Lifetime
Roman, Age 9, Calgary, AB

Boom! “Wow, what was that?” said Bob.

“I have no idea,” said Jerry.

“Wow, where are we?”

“I have no idea,” Santa said.

“I think it some kind of World War II prison.”

“In this gooey yucky prison."

“So we’re stuck here for ever!”

“Since when was Santa here?” Jerry asked. All of those random questions.

“I don’t know?” Bob replied.

“Hey, not only is Santa here, Adam is too, and his pet ostrich is here, and his pet’s pet is a pear?” Jerry told Bob.

“When did they get here,” Bob asked Jerry.

Santa replied, “We got here two hours ago.”

"But that’s not possible," Jerry said.

“I know. I’m a clown, but I’m not kidding.”

“My, Jerry, you sound serious,” Santa replied.

“O.K. Um a mmm.”

“Jerry, cool down time,” Santa told Jerry.

“O.K,” Jerry was puzzled.

Santa replied, “O.K. fine.”

“But what do we do to pass the time,” Bob asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe we can do stuff like sit and do nothing,” Jerry said.

“No, I’m waiting till they set us free,” Bob said.

“Hey, maybe we can make up words like mooder and pickledudle,” Bob asked.

“I still think begging them to let us free will be very fun, but it’s worth a try,” Jerry replied. “Gobidiba um jumaba.”

“Yeah, that’s boring,” Jerry said.

All of the sudden, Jerry got so bored he went crazy!

Santa said, “Calm down!”

“That’s not nice,” Jerry replied.

“Jerry stop smashing your head on the metal bars it will do nothing but give you a concussion.”

“Oh fine!” Jerry said out loud.

“Is that how you speak to Santa?” Bob asked.

“I don’t know,” Jerry said.

“Hey, maybe ostrich can help me, I mean us,” Adam said.

Ostrich ran at the bars of the jail, and he started pecking on the metal. “Yay, holes!

Oh, that didn’t work, did it?” Jerry yelled.

“Hey, Santa, why don’t you use your magic?” Bob asked.

“I don’t know,” Santa replied.

“Are you too lazy?” Jerry asked.

“No, I don’t want to,” Santa replied.

“You don’t want what will let us free? Well, good for you,” Jerry said.

“Oh fine. Rrrrrrrrrrr! O.K., you made me mad, metal bars. I’m going to use my strongest power!” Santa started to throw whales at the metal bars.

“Hey, do you like cookies?” Adam asked the guards.

“We love cookies—they're so tasty—but we're in the middle of war, so we can’t bake them or eat them,” the guard replied.

“O.K., I will bake them for you,” Adam told the guard.

“Boredy bored bored bored. It’s been five hours. Where is he with the cookies for the guards and stuff?” Santa asked.

“Yes, I’m done the cookies,” Adam shouted with joy.

“Here are the 250,000,000,000 cookies,” Adam told the guard.

“Thank you, kind sir. You and your friends are free,” the guard replied.

“O.K. now I know never to play with my time machine,” Santa said.

“Was this all about your time thingy,” Bob asked.

“Yes,” Santa replied. 

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