The Magic of the Moment
Siddharth, Age 10, Aldie, VA

I love birds. I love how they fly. I always wanted to fly. I like pretending that I am flying. Many times, at home, my brother and I climb up high on the couch and try to jump up in the air. Or when we are in a park, we try to fly like birds. But we always fall on the ground. I know I cannot fly like a bird because I am not a bird.

But last summer, something amazing happened. That is a Magical Moment for me. I want to write this as my story.

Magic of the Moment - Up in the Air!

Last summer, my family and I went to Bahamas for vacation. We went on a cruise. I had a great time in the ship. It was so much fun. On the third day, when the ship landed at Freeport, my dad took us for parasailing. It was the first time that we went parasailing. My mom, dad, my little brother, and I - we were all excited. My dad told me it was especially for me that he booked this tour.
“Wow”! I could not wait.

We first went to this person who booked our tour. He took us on a boat to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Then we got onto a wooden platform on the ocean. It was floating on the water. It was very strong. We all waited there. From there, we were sent up in a parachute. The parachute was connected to a speedboat by a long, strong rope. When the boat rides fast around the ocean, it pulls the parachute. Then the parachute goes with it. They allow only three people at one time. So I said, I would go first with my friend and his teenage brother. The crew helped us put on the belts, and we were safely buckled to the parachute. It was a colorful parachute lying on the platform. When we were ready, it opened up. It was huge and then it pulled us up. Then we went up and up into the air and everything down below kept getting smaller and smaller. I was a bit scared at first. I held on to the ropes tightly. After a few minutes, I was okay. My mom told me it would be like an airplane ride. I started looking around. We were on top of the big blue ocean. I could see my parents and brother like small dots very far away. The boat below was taking us around the ocean.

After some time, we were coming down. I thought that our ride was over. We came down and my feet touched the ocean. I dipped my toes and was looking down. Suddenly, we were pulled up again. Wheeee...! The ride was not over yet. It was MAGICAL! As we were going up in the air again, at that moment, I felt like a bird. I left my hands off the rope because I was not afraid any more. I knew I was safe. I felt the breeze. I could see the ocean below, the sand around it. I looked around. It was a magical moment because I felt like a bird. “Look, I am a bird”, I said to my friend! I was flying in the sky. My hands were like my wings. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was a bird. I thought I became a bird.

Then we were brought back to where my parents were waiting. Slowly we were pulled down. I was not steady to stand on my feet as we came down with so much force. My mom and brother hugged me. My dad took pictures. I became Siddharth once again. But I know that up in the air I was a BIRD and I could fly! So that is the Magic of the Moment. That day is the happiest day for me.

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