The Mine
Breannah, Age 10, Calgary, AB

One day a little boy named Johnny and his father, Jack, were lounging on the couch drinking diet soda until, "Ring ring ring." A bell rang as loud as an elephant. "I'm sorry son, but Iíve got to go down to the mine shaft," Jack said. "Stay with your mother, maybe help her cook some dinner." As he tramped out the back door, Johnny's mom hailed him to the kitchen.

When his dad was at the mineshaft, the elevator broke and two men died instantly died. No one knows what happened, not even Jack, because he had just arrived during this commotion about people and the shaft breaking down. He headed back home, where he knew it would be safe.

"Back so soon?" said Johnny.

"I just wanted to be with family today," he said.

They all laughed and had broccoli soup with rye bread.

                                                     The End

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