I Am More
Asiya, Age 12, Medford, MA
                      I am more than a face and a body,
I am a soul deep within,
Look beyond my physical features,
And you'll see a girl with the flame of a burning fire,
Burning eternally within,
I am a girl with glasses,
It's true,
But I'm more than just that don't you see,
Don't you see all of me.

I have a race and a color,
And these are what people see,
But the truth is I am more than that,
Don't you see all of me.

I am a writer and a poet,
A poet who knows life is laced with pain,
These people judge me for who they think I am,
But they do not understand,
They do not understand all of me.

My head reels with thoughts and emotions,
That nobody cares to find out,
They see me as the girl who knows all the answers,
They do not know the real me,
The girl who has a humor and a longing to belong,
I smile the brightest smile,
But cry myself to sleep,
Because these people,
These people don't see all of me.
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