The Mystery of the Haunted House
Tabreek, Age 12, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Amy, a cute seven-year-old girl, is extremely scared. She has been forced to believe that there are ghosts in that house. She hears noises in her house at night and it is very creepy and scary. She keeps on saying that she wants to move out of that house and is terrified. She and her family live in a very big mansion and she has her own room. This mansion has twelve bedrooms, a very large kitchen, and a huge living room. There is a lot more in their mansion but there is much more to tell you other than that as well, in the tale of the haunted house.

One day as she was trying to sleep, she heard horrible noises and was extremely frightened. She also saw a shadow out of nowhere. He spoke and the curtains were moving so it was like a horror movie coming alive.

“I am the ghost and I will kill you, each and every one of you. You can’t do anything against me, as I have come with my entire troop.” Just as he finished his sentence, the shadows duplicated all around her and she felt very cold.

The next morning she woke up and went to her mother. She was extremely scared and told her mom and dad to move to another mansion as this one was haunted. They thought of talking to Lina, their personal detective. She had helped them in a lot of cases. They went to her at her detective office as she had her own company: Detectivity. They called her and scheduled an appointment for 12:30.

They got to her office at the scheduled time and discussed the matter with her. Amy said all she could, as she was extremely frightened and her mind was full of fear. Lina agreed to investigate this case and solve this mystery. She would start the investigation tonight.

They were all waiting for her as it was seven, but she didn’t come yet. Finally she rang their bell at 7:30 and said sorry as she was stuck in the traffic jam in New York City. She hid under the bed sheet and acted as if she were sleeping. At night she saw and heard the same noises and shadows as well. She planned to investigate for two or three nights before she came to her conclusion.

The next night she got there, but let Amy sleep there that night and she watched from outside the room. There she saw some ghost-like figures dressed in white, and they were whispering to each other. She was standing quite far from them so she couldn’t hear what they were saying. She watched them stand close to the room so that their shadow would be visible to her. They played their tape recording on their radio. She saw everything that night but planned to take all the action the next night.

In the morning she searched for any evidence that they would have possibly left. She found a thread of their white sheets. She showed this to everyone and told everyone to stay awake with her and watch exactly what they did. They all agreed and Lina left.

That evening she arrived early and they turned all the lights off at 8 o’clock. They all stood there, including Amy, and put some pillows under the bed sheet and aligned them so the ghosts would think that it was Amy. Amy, Lina, and the entire family all saw it happen that night. These ghosts switched the radio on and cast their shadows at the room. They were amazed that she didn’t sit up and get frightened as she kept sleeping. Lina turned on the lights and said, “Your game is over now.” They said they did this because they wanted to get the mansion for themselves and live in it. This would only happen if Amy and her family would leave this house. Amy’s family had lived in this house for many generations. That is why they made up this plan for scaring Amy with ghosts. Their plan was to slowly scare everyone in the house once Amy was scared. Once Amy got scared the entire family would be worried and could easily be scared. Sinister and his troop were the culprits and they were arrested for their acts. Amy and her parents continued to happily live in the mansion as before.  

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