Nutty the Peanut
Alex, Age 12, Mill Spring, USA

Long, long ago, in the land of Jellybean, there was a peanut named Nutty. Nutty hated that he was the only peanut in the Jellybean land. So that day he started to take a walk, and he walked and walked and walked until he didn’t know where he was. But the strangest thing happened: He saw a new land, and it was named Almondville. Right then he didn’t hesitate. He ran until he was almost there. Just then the guards stepped out and said, "No peanuts allowed. Only almonds." Nutty ran away and ran and ran and ran and cried. Finally he saw someone else. He thought it was another peanut, but it was a chocolate bar that was melting. The chocolate bar’s name was Yummy. He asked Nutty if he would help him make it to the Iceland. Nutty said, “OK.” So Nutty became friends with Yummy. Yummy was so happy to be home. Yummy threw a big feast for Nutty. Nutty said he couldn’t stay, and he left. So he walked a little more and met a Jolly Rancher named Green Apple. Green Apple had lost her wrapper and couldn’t do anything without it because she would get dirty. So Nutty started to search; then he finally found it. Green Apple was so happy! She invited him to stay the night, so he did. Then he asked, “Do you know any place called Peanut World?" Surprisingly, she said yes! So the next day, she took him there, but it was burned down. He was so sad. Then he found a note that said, “Do not be afraid. We have moved to a different destination." Nutty thanked Green Apple and took off running, following the signs that said “Peanut World This Way." So he kept on running until he saw a different land, Twizzler Palace. Then that’s where he found more peanuts. He was so excited. Then that’s where he lived his happy life.

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