Getting a Puppy
Faizaan, Age 9, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 

“I have always wanted a puppy, but I have never got one,” Jane complained. She called her sister, Alicia, towards her room and asked, “Do you want a puppy?”

Alicia replied, “Yes, but why?”

Jane said, “I want a puppy because I like to touch their fluffy bodies and I like to care for them. Another reason I want a puppy is that last night I had a dream. In the dream, a person was trying to kill me. If we have a puppy, the puppy will protect us, so we should ask mom and dad together for the puppy.

Alicia answered, “It is a good idea, come on let's go.” Jane and Alicia descended the stairs to Dad, who was in the sitting room.

They asked their dad, “Can you buy a cute puppy for us?”

Dad replied, “We don’t have enough money and your mother will not allow us to buy it.”

Jane said, “Alicia and I will ask mom if she will allow us to buy it.”

Dad added, “I could work for extra hours so in a few days we will have enough money to buy it and my boss said the person who will work for extra hours will get a reward with a bonus." Dad had to do scanning and he enjoyed it very much.

The girls were so excited to have a puppy and assumed, “Maybe mom will agree to buy it.” The kids successfully convinced their mom in only four days. On the same day their dad’s boss gave him a bonus because he had worked for extra hours that week. In the extra hours he did another person’s work because the person was sick. Dad came at night and told the great news to each family member. The next day in the morning, the family went shopping and bought a puppy. Jane and Alicia were happy, and the family returned home. The new dog was brown and fluffy. Alicia said, “I will take the dog for walk every day and the dog’s name will be Jason.”  

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