Phil, the Rocket Launcher
Noah, Age 10, Calgary, AB

One nice day in Ingles (a small and old town), Phil and Levi shot off their new rocket. Sssshhhhoooo! Then the rocket landed.

“Let's do that again,” said Levi.

The rocket bolted in the air, but got stuck in the tree and it was leaning on its side.

“So let’s get it down,” said Phil.

“Levi, I see a long stick in those trees. You can get it because you are small enough,” said Phil. “OK, I will get it,” said Levi. A minute later. “I got it,” said Levi.

“Good, now bring it here and let’s get the rocket down,” said Phil.

So they tried and tried, then Levi said, “Phil, why won’t you climb it?”

“OK, I will climb that big, old, nasty tree,” said Phil. Four minute later. “I am almost there.” SNAP.

The branch that Phil was on snapped in half and it sent Phil falling down; then one of Phil’s shoe laces got caught on a very small branch, then the lace undid, then the shoe fell off and landed right in front of Levi.

When Phil hit the ground, Levi said, “Phil, are you alright.”

“Yes,” Phil moaned.

Then Levi said, “Let’s get a ladder,”

“Wait, Levi, let’s get a ladder.”

“That’s just what I said. Never mind, I will get the ladder,” exclaimed Levi.

When Levi brought the ladder out from in their house then laid it on the tree, Phil climbed the ladder and got the rocket and climbed down.

“Phil, let’s not launch the rocket again.”

“OK, but let’s shoot off all of our fireworks now. Levi, I have some matches underneath the fireworks.”

So they shot off all the fireworks they had. The fireworks turned green, blue, red and purple, and the fireworks exploded in to the shape of the rocket that was stuck in the tree.

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