The War
Parker, Age 9, Calgary, AB

The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. The butterflies were fluttering. There was peaceful music on the radio, but out of nowhere, without warning, an explosion of fire blew up and everyone was screaming.

Two boys named Shawn and John tried to get to safety. Shawn and John were screaming and yelling, “What is going on out there?” John peeked outside and someone sprinted around the corner of the house and said, “Let me in the house!” Then he got shot in the back!! John was screaming loudly and running around the room and tripped on the leg of a table and was in pain, screaming even louder than before. Shawn gently placed his hand on John’s mouth and told him to shut up, but John kept screaming.

After two minutes he stopped. John and Shawn discussed where they should hide out, and John came up with an idea and said, "What about the tornado bunker?" Shawn agreed. "Let’s get going," Shawn shouted while running to the door.

They met two other folks on the way: one man, one woman. They hid in the alley, but there was a pack of soldiers in the alley. There was a garbage can in the alley by the house. John saw a full bottle of ketchup in the garbage can. John took it out, and the four people—John, Shawn, the man, and the woman—poured ketchup on themselves, threw the bottle away, and played dead. The soldiers walked past and looked at them and came near and said “huh.” Then they walked away.

They got up and got going. The man and woman asked, “Where are we going anyway?” Shawn replied, “We are going to the tornado bunker a few blocks away." They got out of the alley and ran across the street. There was gunfire and the four got on the ground and crawled. They reached the street with the bunker on it. They got in the bunker and there were a lot of people in it, and they couldn’t hear anything. After a few hours, the door opened and someone came in and said, “You guys can come out; it is safe.” Everyone came out and the whole area was destroyed and construction workers were fixing the area.

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