A Story about How Long Friendship Could Go On
Aleyah, Age 12, Burlington, WA

It all started when I was at my friend Ionica's house. We were shuffling through all her old stuff for her garage sale.

"You know, you still haven't told me why you're having this garage sale so suddenly," I said, pulling out a chewed up stuffed animal.

"I'm moving to Philadelphia," Ionica said starring at the floor.

"Wait! Pennsylvania, Philadelphia!" I said, setting my stuff down, hoping Ionica missaid the city next-door.

"Is there any other Philadelphia?" Ionica said looking through a box of old shoes.

"Why are you moving?!" I almost started to cry.

Ionica turned to me as if it were a stupid question. "My mom has family over there and she wants to visit them for a little while. I don't want to go either."

I sighed, setting a box of old toys down. Then I had an idea. I looked at the toy tree house in the box of old toys. "Ionica!" I called as if she were halfway across the world.

Ionica looked at me as if saying, "What is it?"

"You don't have to leave!"

Day 1

We had a park that was called the Skagit River Park. Ionica and I searched for perfect trees to build a tree house in. We came across a tall cedar tree. "This is the one!" Ionica called to me. In case you're wondering what our plan was, we were building a camouflaged tree house for Ionica to live in while her Mom went to Pennsylvania.

"Great!" I said running over. We quickly climbed up the tree and saw the perfect spot for a tree house. Step one done. That was a good thing because it was starting to get dark.

Day 2

We laid down the floor. It was a big piece of wood that covered the whole area of the divide off in the tree. We used a whole two boxes of screws and nails for the floor. After an exhausting day, the floor was finally stable. I wiped my forehead. It usually doesn't get this hot. Then after a quick lunch, we went to the store and with all our money saved we bought a camouflaged net that would fit over the tree house and some paint to. Step 2 almost done! Tomorrow would be the walls.

Day 3

We found eight more kids to help us! The walls went up in a matter of minutes. The ceiling slid right on and it only took us ten minutes to calk the spots where cold air would leek through. This would be a story that would go in the news someday.

Day 4
It was the day Ionica was supposed to be leaving for Philadelphia and moving into the tree house! I spotted her running across the field. But no boxes were in her hands. This made me wonder.

"Ashley!" Ionica called. That was my name, of course. I turned and smiled. I knew she would follow through.

"I can't do it!" She said stopping in front of me.

"What do you mean?" I said.
"I can't move into the tree house. My mom needs me, more than ever right now. I'm sorry. Maybe we'll meet again someday," Ionica said giving me a hug. Then she gave me a picture of her.

"You'll always be my very first best friend." Ionica turned around and ran back to her house. I didn't bother to follow. I looked at the picture. It was a picture of me and her in kindergarten on the first day. I hoped she would meet me again. But she forgot one thing. I had her phone number! I smiled and raced back to my house so Ionica could tell me all about Pennsylvania!

                                                       The End

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