The Adventures of Juan
Ethan, Age 10, Calgary, AB

Splash! A baby fish was dropped in the water, nameless and all alone, with no friends or family. Two years later he had many friends, but he still didn't have a family or a name. His friends decided to make a name up for him. They came up with very cool names, but they didn’t suit him. His friends came up with “Juan,” so they told him and he loved his new name. He told everyone.

The next morning he was feeling very confident and happy, but the one thing he was sad about and had always been sad about was he had no family. He decided to go find his family. He wondered if his friends wanted to come, but one said it was too dangerous and the other said it was his adventure. So once again he was all alone trying to find his family.

So first he tried to ask if anyone knew where his kind lived, but he couldn't pronounce the name of kind, (the name is “humuhumunukunukuapua’a”), so no one understood him. Later during his adventure, he was attacked by two divers named June and Erica. They tried to take him, but he escaped and swam behind a rock and started yelling, “SOS! SOS!” Then a shark came and scared the divers away.

When he was getting away from the shark, he noticed a piece paper that said “humuhumunukunukuapua’a spotted in Maui.” Then he asked if the other fish knew where Maui was, but he said “Mooi.” Then he got so mad and said, “DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE MY KIND LIVES!?” and the people told him. He was so happy to find his family. 

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