Freedom: A Nation under Fire
Adeeba, Age 14, Edmonton, AB

The ferocious war began. Fear hung over everywhere. It was perilous for people to survive. Sometimes the bombs were so tumultuous and the ground shook so much it felt like the earth was drifting apart. Everyday villages were being demolished and some rights were also being violated. It was habitual during that period. Nevertheless, there was always a flicker of hope burning brighter than fear. Especially when it came to earning your rights; people could reach any extent without acknowledging how horrendous it could be for themselves. This was the thing with Rudba and her friends.

During the war time, only men were permitted to go outside and continue their education. Some women were allowed to go outside only to serve in the military. Girls were hapless enough to not continue their education. As a result, Rudba and her friends decided to campaign for the rights to continue their education. They needed to hold onto this one factor because it was the only thing sacred to them during that particular juncture. Every day they wanted to go to classes; they desired to learn and study. Normal, everyday, ordinary things. However, fate had something else written for them.

Without any choice left, the girls rose against the unjust system which prevented them from continuing their studies and left them with no recourse but to form a spontaneous movement. They even wrote an article on the negative milestones regarding this war and submitted it to Shah Abdullah through email. Later, Shah published the article to garner people’s attention about the war taking place in Iran in that moment. Eventually, that controversial article actually caught people’s eye and this time their unbridled anger because of the war infringing on certain rights was unleashed. Now, everyone in Iran actually started protesting, which escalated into a massive movement with national resonance. The entire nation was determined to obtain a peaceful country at any cost, by hook or by crook. This was the beginning of ‘March Revolution.’ As a result of this revolution, several people sacrificed their lives on the altar of patriotism in order to obtain a tranquil country.

Finally, Rudba and her friends, along with Shah, pleaded to the Prime Minister of Iran to put an end to the war with USA. They made the Prime Minister understand that this would be beneficial for everyone. After the war ended, everyone would be blissful and overwhelmed. Merrily, the Prime Minister agreed with them and called the press. He informed them that he aspired to finish the war, and he also concluded that he would rather make peaceful negotiations with USA rather than continuing the war anymore. Everyone in Iran approved of the decision of the PM, and the US people did the same too. So, the war came to an end. The hatred between the two countries ceased and normal life for everyone was resumed.

Rudba and her friends were grateful to the Prime Minister for comprehending them and all other Iranians. They began a fresh new life by attending school again. From their experience of facing problems, they encouraged others to come together and work in a way to preserve the purity of this planet. Now, Iran is a better place for everybody to live together. 

“A poem version of the story Freedom-A Nation under Fire”

The resentment in my life began,
The ferocious war began …
FEAR dangled over everywhere,
It was perilous to be alive,
The enormous canon’s bombs were tumultuous,
I knew that the world was drifting apart,
But there was flicker of hope-
Burning brighter than fear...

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