A Joyful Reunion
Riti, Age 9, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
                      As I come off the train,
A familiar voice drains!
"My dear friend, where have you been?
For ages I wished you may be seen!"

I shout with joy as I jump down,
"I had gone out of town!"
I respond more as I sip tea,
"What wonders, I wish you could see!"

"The Sabarmati waterfront is just a dream,
Realistically blown kites are the queens!
Smart kids race cutting those lovely tails,
As the others in the grief of those queens have wails!"

"I hear you went to Ahemdabad with fun,
Am I true, did not you need to feel the sun?"
My friend asks with a curious look,
Taking a look at my guide book.

"The heat was hot, hot and hot compared to Delhi,
But still, I did not wear cotton clothes though they are pretty as a lily!
Gandhi Ashram was a memorable memorial,
Everything about Gandhiji was so real!"

"Did you shop something too, dear?
Some lovely things or a rare key chain deer?"
"I shopped some surprises for everyone,
But if you know surprises, what's the fun?"

Saying this I took out a smart blazer,
As I gave it to my friend, her head filled with wonder!
"What a lovely clothing,
Yeah! You made me sing!"

I say to her, "Let me meet others too!"
She speaks, "Please do!"
I sing happily in a sweet, lovely tune as I go back home,
I think, "Next time while I go to this town, I will not be alone!"
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