Do You Know?
Mariah, Age 15, Decatur, IL
                      Do you know what it feels like to be hurt over and over again?
The person you thought loved you
starts to push you away and
everything you did together looks
as though it was all pointless.
Maybe life was just a mistake.
There's no need for me to stay.
In reality no one truly loves me anyway.
Life seems to be washing itself down the drain.
There's no more sunshine and all you have left is puddles of rain .
From Saturday to Sunday
your feeling none thing but pain
because of the things you do in your room
when everyone drives you insane.
Itís like a private battle going on inside her head,
her mind says use the razor and her heart says live instead.
Deep inside she knows things aren't the same.
Left alone no one knows when things are going wrong.
Every second she is dying a little more inside.
Crying then pretending she's laughing just to fit in.
Hating the fact that every guy thinks she's strange.
Hiding her scars to avoid their remarks.
Simply if they knew maybe they would change.
I know for sure I'll miss my best friend.
Only if innocentsí lives didn't have to end
You think you know her, but look once more again.
Cutting is now her new best friend.
Over and over she does it again.
Not once, not twice, but till it's deep underneath her skin.
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