Santa Saves the Day
Brianna, Age 10, Whitehall, PA

Once upon a time in a little town that I like to call Wonderland, there was a little girl named Noel. Noel had just turned nine in August and was very shy at times. She loved to play with her favorite China doll named Sally, but one day when Noel went to go get Sally, she was missing! Noel didn't know what to play with now that Sally was gone. She was very upset.

Noel tried to play with her other China dolls, but it just wasn't the same. She was so tired and so sad, she decided to go to bed early. Noel tried her hardest to fall asleep, but she just couldn't. All of a sudden, she was at the NORTH POLE, and she saw Sally with Santa waiting for her at the workshop, not knowing if Sally was okay!

Noel began to panic, and tried to get closer to Sally, but she couldn't move! In Noel’s dream, she met an elf named Burt. Burt took Noel’s hand and they both secretly tiptoed across the snowy ground as they approached Santa to get Sally and... What will happen next?

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