The Magical Tennis Racket
Aisha, Age 7, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Once there was a boy. He was nine years old. His name was Zain. He played tennis every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with his dad, mom and sister. He was the youngest and second best tennis player in his family. His dad was just a little surprised. His sister was so jealous that she bought a tennis racket. A MAGICAL tennis racket!

So now whenever she played tennis, she won every single game. So when she grew up she always won every single game. She was a professional tennis player. She was the most famous tennis player ever until one day, she lost her tennis racket. She was panicking, but she was too, too embarrassed not to show up at her tennis match.

So she said, “I lost my tennis racket.”

The people at the match said, “Okay we can give you another one.”

After the game everybody was laughing at her because she lost the game. She was crying. She quickly ran to her car and drove the fastest. She was so sad. And then she remembered what her family used to say to her.

“If you give up on one thing, try another.”

So, at first she thought, “I don’t like basketball, volleyball, badminton or cricket.”

But then she remembered she never tried dodge ball, squash, rugby, baseball and soccer. She ran out the door into her car and drove. She went to the baseball tryouts. She wasn’t good. She went to the dodge ball. She wasn’t good. She finally went to rugby practice and that was her last chance. She FAILED!

She drove home and then she thought, “Why am I only thinking of sports jobs? I can have any job.”

So she drew a picture. It was awesome. Then she went to an art museum and she asked the person who managed the museum if she could show her art. He said, “Sure.” Then people loved her art and she became a famous artist!

                                                      The End

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