The Fall of the Great Devourer
Tyler, Age 5, Mount Olive, MS

TJ the Devourer and Tyler the Ninja were fighting with fire swords.

TJ did a twisting double flip in the air and hit Tyler in the top of the head with his fire sword.

Tyler used his fire force field and blocked the hit from TJ.

TJ tried again to attack Tyler by doing a triple-doughnut sword spin but was blocked again by Tyler.

Tyler played a dirty Ninja trick on TJ by pretending to be his best friend. Once he gained his trust, he chopped off his head with the fire sword. Tyler defeated the evil devourer and by doing that found his true potential and became Tyler the Golden Ninja.

As the golden Ninja he is guarded by the sun and glows in the dark. Only the Golden Ninja has the power of the Golden Robot. Together, Tyler the Golden Ninja and the Golden Robot set out to save the world from Lord Logan the Terrible.

Tyler the Golden Ninja and his sidekick the Golden Robot set out on a quest for the golden weapons needed to defeat Lord Logan the Terrible.

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