Baby Veronica's First Birthday
Brenda, Age 12, USA

It was a sunny autumn Saturday afternoon when a baby girl named Veronica celebrated her first birthday. She wore a beautiful aqua colored dress with streaks of light orange, grass green, hot pink, grape purple, all mixed with sunshine yellow tulips rising up to her waist. The sleeves of her dress also had a couple of ocean blue butterflies. On her head, she wore a bow as white as sugar, which wrapped around shortly styled hair that was as curly as curly fries.

Veronica’s mom brought her birthday cake into the room wearing skinny white pants and a dark chocolate short sleeve shirt. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “My baby girl is growing up so fast!” When Veronica saw her mango cake with white frosting, her eyes lit up like candles. She had never eaten cake. “Now let’s give our baby girl some vanilla Oreo ice cream to go with her cake.” Veronica grabbed her desert and ate it like she was the cake monster (sort of like the “Cookie Monster”).

Moments later Veronica’s nine-year-old cousin named Jake barged into the kitchen and threw her piece of cake on the floor. His eyes seemed to be saying, “Here comes trouble.” He was nine year old wearing blue jeans with milk chocolate stains on them, a leather glove, and a black t-shirt. Although he sometimes acted like a big bully to little babies, or felt a little jealous of them, he would act like an angel around adults. His mom never let him eat cake because it would make him hyper and go crazy. So that’s why he threw Veronica’s cake on the floor.

“Jake, get over here this instant!!!!” said his mom, Marina.

Jake crossed his arms begrudgingly and walked slowly towards his mom.

“Maybe it’s time for you and me to go home?”

“No, Mommy! Please! Please! Please! I promise I’ll behave now!”

“No, it’s too late. We’re going home now.”

While this went on everybody, especially Veronica, was eating their cake. So, Marina eventually got tired of Jake talking back to her so she picked him up and left for home.
The party kept going on until Veronica fell asleep. That’s when everybody went home. Mr. and Ms. Howard started to clean up the house. After they were done cleaning, they went to sleep. All of a sudden Veronica woke up and crawled to the kitchen to look for more cake. She found the last huge slice of mango cake on top of the dining room table, stood on top of a chair, and ate all of it. She crawled back to bed with a big smile and crumbs on her face.

When she woke up she cried and pointed to her stomach. Mr. and Mrs. Howard were very worried. They called the doctor’s office to make an appointment.

Later that day, they went to the doctor’s office. The doctor did a regular checkup on Veronica and everything went well, until the doctor checked her belly. Her belly was as hard as a baseball.

“She might be constipated. What has she eaten?”

“She ate cereal for breakfast.”

“Has she eaten anything new?”

“She had a little bit of mango cake and ice cream yesterday, but that’s about it.”

“Well, I don’t see anything bad with that. Just keep her on a healthy diet, no sweets for now and let’s see how that works.”

“Okay, thank you doctor.”

When they got home, Mr. Howard asked his wife if there was any cake left over.

“I left the last slice in the fridge.”

“I don’t see it.”

They both looked at each other. Then they looked at Veronica and she smiled back at them.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard started to laugh loudly, and so did Veronica.

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