Isabel's Birthday Bash
Sheyloni, Age 12, USA

It was a glorious, sunny Saturday autumn afternoon during Isabel’s birthday. Isabel was in her high chair with a spectacular aqua dress her parents bought her the day before, tiny magenta colored shoes, and to top it off a headband with a pink flower on top. She slammed her hands on the table while waiting impatiently for her first piece of cake. From people chatting and laughing to water gushing in the sink, there were loud noises all around the kitchen. It was a wonderful day for a baby’s first birthday.

After causing a great fuss, Isabel finally got her hand on a slice of chocolate cake. It was as mushy as mud, covering her entire face. While she gobbled her cake, her mother walked into the room. She was wearing a big, beautiful blue dress with purple shoes, light brown long hair and brown eyes which seemed to be saying, “Where is my birthday girl?”

“Give Mommy some,” said Isabel’s mother, eager to have some of the baby`s cake.

Isabel looked at her mother as if she was extremely crazy. As that was going on, there was a knock at their door, and it was Isabel’s grandmother who came for the party. As the adults went to greet her grandma, no one was looking after Isabel, so she got out of her high chair and crawled up the stairs to wander off.

“Where is my little Isabel,” asked Isabel’s grandmother after she settled in. All the adults looked at the high chair just to see she was not there. Then as all the adults were very worried, they looked under tables, looked in small, hard to reach in places, hoping to find Isabel. Then as they were about to lose hope, they heard a thump from an upstairs bedroom. All the adults rushed upstairs.

When they got there they saw Isabel has fallen off a bed she was on. Her parents picked her up frantically to look if she was injured. After search for any scratches, cuts, or bruises, they found nothing. So they continued with the birthday party and had a great day.

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