Canadian Whiskey
Andrew, Age 13, Edmonton, AB

He put the glass to his lips, the tremendous taste of wood and spices tingling his taste buds. As he swallowed and his throat burned with its singeing aftertaste, he slammed the glass down on his desk and let out a big "Ahhhh." His name was James Macleod, a World War One veteran, co-founder of a whiskey plant, and only 26 years old. The door flew open and there was the other co-founder and war veteran, George Johnston. A very tall man, about 6’3, he wore those black suspenders and that bow tie as usual. George was in a panic exclaiming that they had to sell much more whiskey if all these workers were going to keep their jobs. James thought for a while, and suddenly the idea came to him: they would sell whiskey to the now prohibition-age America.

In the warehouse on the bottom floor, trucks were loaded to the brim with barrels and bottles. Workers from the plant got into the trucks to go off to big cities like Boston, New York and Detroit. George and James were off to Chicago to sell to the big-name gangster Al Capone. They armed themselves to the teeth with Tommy guns and shotguns. They hopped into their truck and started to drive the long drive to Chicago.

They crossed the border on a back road one day later. Driving through forests and on dirt roads, they found themselves evading police and prohibition agents at every turn. It was another three days before they made it ten miles away from Chicago. Before they could reach their destination, they were stopped by a car with two prohibition agents. The agents got out and demanded to search their truck, and said would arrest them if they had to. The agents opened the back and before they could say anything, two blunt objects struck the agents on the head and they were thrown back into their car. James and George would do anything to get this liquor to Chicago.

They arrived in the glamorous city of Chicago at nightfall when all the lights lit up the large city. When they pulled up to the side of the street where flocks of people roamed the sidewalk, two men in black walked up and told them to drive behind the warehouse to their right. They did just that and were greeted by fifteen large men and also the man himself, Al “Scarface” Capone. They opened up the back of their truck and the American men looked in awe at what was there. Capone offered a substantial amount of cash, but James was smarter that. He charged triple that amount and the gangsters gave to them. James and George had just cheated one of the smartest men in America.

They got back into their truck and tried to leave, but they were intercepted by police with their weapons drawn. The two looked at each other and in a swift motion they opened fire. Jumping out of the truck, they couldn’t see anything because of the flashing and smoke. After a minute they saw the bodies and sighed in relief, but it was cut short by a blinding pain on their heads and then darkness.

Thrown into the back of their truck, they were driven across town to Capone’s headquarters, where they were blindfolded and tied up. They were told they were going to be killed because of how they had tried to cheat Capone. A while later, two men were brought before a firing squad. Capone looked up from his newspaper and with a sigh said to shoot. The two men were obliterated by the hundreds of rounds that entered their bodies. With blood spattered all over the wall, the firing stopped and their blindfolds were removed. What Capone saw horrified him: they were his own men. He started to yell and cuss, screaming death threats and then sat down with his hands over his eyes.

At the same time, but miles away, two men dressed as mobsters and with a truck full of money and booze smiled at each other as they headed back towards the icy north.

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