Christmas on Dunn Street
Viviana, Age 12, USA

It was a Saturday Christmas morning at 9:00 am. There were kids playing and a women walking with a smile on her face. There was a dog barking loud that I could hear him in my house. It was so cold that you couldnít go outside. I was joyful because it was going to be Christmas and it was my favorite time of the season.

My aunty is tall and she is a thirty-year-old lady, and she is thin. Her hair is black, her skin is white, and she has brown eyes. She was wearing white jeans with a blue shirt and white shoes. She seemed to be saying that it was a good day because it was going to be Christmas. When my mom called me, my friend asked me if I could go to her house, but I told her I had to go with my mom to the store.

My aunty was outside cleaning her front yard, and my cousin was riding her bicycle. My sister was crying too loud in the room. It was still too cold outside. I was feeling happy because it was Christmas, and I received presents and I got to stay with my family. Although it was a quiet street, then came some loud noise in my street.

My cousin is eleven years old, and she is tall. Her color of hair is black and it is long. Her skin is white; her eyes are black. She was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and blue shoes. Her body language seemed to say that she was kind to people and tried to be nice. It was bright like the sunshine in the sky, as yellow and bright, and she was as tall as a giant person.

My sister was running back and forth. I saw a big angry dog outside of my house. My neighbor was yelling all day long and didnít stop, and I was already tired hiring her yelling. It was cold outside, but I still went outside to play. I was happy because I was going to open my presents. So we went to play with the presents I got.

My neighbor is thirty-five-years old and tall. His hair is black, his skin is white, and his eyes are black. He was wearing black pants, a red with black shirt and red shoes. He seemed as if he was an angry man because thereís was a lady yelling in the house and we could hear her at my house. Although we could not go outside for a long time, we could play inside. Although my friend was red as a bowl of blood, it was sauce and it was hot, so they took her to the bed so she could rest.

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