How to Play Corner Corner
Tabreek, Age 12, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Have you ever played a game using the four corners of a square? If not, then you would probably like to keep reading, and you will find out how to play the game using the four corners of a square. There are a couple of benefits of this game. The first benefit is that at the end of the game there are to be no winners or losers. You can say that everyone won. Another benefit is that this game can be played indoors (when it is cold) or outdoors. I have had a couple of experiences with playing this game. One more advantage is that it can be played in any weather.

I first experienced playing this game with my friends in Pakistan. We agreed on playing the new game when my friend asked. We used to play this game in the space behind the parking lot using the carved in squares. After she explained the rules, we started the game, which was quite fun and easy in my opinion. We did not require a lot of materials for playing this game. I used to play this game in Pakistan because it was easy and never created issues between people.

There are very few requirements for this game. First you need a flat piece of ground, chalk, (only if you’re playing outside) and five players. Now read along to understand how to position the players. Position the first four players on one of the corners of the square. The one player left should be standing in the middle.

Once you have positioned the last player you may start playing the game following its specific rules. The players situated on the corners are supposed to exchange places without the It (the player in the middle) getting the place on one of the corners. The It is supposed be on a sharp lookout for a vacant corner and get to it before the other player gets there. Now the player who does not have a corner is the new It and will repeat the same steps as the previous It.

There is a possibility that the players can exceed the given amount of five. To do that you will have to position some of the players in the middle of each of the lines. One tip for the people on the corners is to trade places really fast when the It is not looking.

I hope you understood the rules of this game and the tip mentioned will hopefully be helpful to you. I hope you are convinced on playing this game. Good luck trying the game!

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