House on "Crazy Street"
Edwin, Age 11, USA

I woke up on a breezy Saturday morning when the light from the sun hit my eyes. I covered my eyes because the bright colorful light was doing so much damage to my eyes. Then my eyes got used to it, so I looked outside and saw some crazy stuff happening. So the first thing was a big problem: a drunk guy was driving, but he kept swerving into the opposite lane. But I couldn’t do anything to stop him, and neither could anyone else; if you got close to his car, he would crash into you. But the next one wasn’t that crazy. This one guy had a black light pistol with no rounds in it, but then he took out five bullets and held the trigger down, as if his finger was a happy trigger finger. Oh, and did I not mention that he had a silencer on so nobody heard the gunshots, mostly because the silencer and the car engines starting. So I closed the curtains, then I made a bowl of Rice Krispies which smelled so chocolaty and delicious. I started going to kitchen, feeling really scared, thinking about a ghost popping out of nowhere while I was home alone in the dark with only the flashlight of my phone. It was 6 pm, but it looked like if it was 9 pm.

When I finally looked outside, I saw that my mom had finally come back, but then I saw this dude getting robbed. The guy who was getting robbed was a male; he was kind of chubby, his hair was light brown, his skin was white, and his eye color was green, but it was in an alley, so nobody saw. He had ripped jeans, a ripped sweatshirt, and he seemed to be saying, “Help me! Help me! Someone please!” Then I think the robber took all his money. He probably also injured him or took something like a necklace of a picture of his loved ones.

Then the homeless man left. Well, at least I think he was homeless because he then took a mattress from a dumpster. But then my mom asked me if I want to go to Target, and I said, “Yeah, sure, why not? I’m bored anyway, right?” So when we got to Target, I went to the game section to check what new games they had, and I wanted this one game called FIFA 14 so bad. It costs $50, so I never told my mom to buy it, but the game was about soccer, well, professional soccer. And I saw this other game I had wanted since 2012, FIFA 13. The reason I said 2012 is because the FIFA games are released on October before the year of the number it is supposed to be. So yeah, that game cost $30, but I decided I’d rather wait till the newer game’s price lowered down. But during the time I was by myself, I felt as if someone really tall was following me for some reason.

Readers, remember when I told you in the Third Paragraph that I felt someone was following me? Well, I turned around and that person was 5’10” with blonde hair, blue eyes, and he was skinny. He had really good clothing. He had a white t-shirt with shorts. But when I turned around, it turned out that he was walking fast because he was going to the phone selection. His eyes seemed to be saying, “I wasn’t going after you.” The reason his eyes seemed to be saying that is because I kept on turning back.
So I went back with my mom, back to the house, and I saw this poor bright dog was walking all alone. The dog had a pink collar, so I guess the dog was a girl. So when we got back, I decided to take a walk to Starbucks, since I live close to it. On the way though, I saw a ghost town for a while, then cars came racing down and the engines sounded so beautiful. I think the cars were a Nissan Skyline R32 and a Subaru. But then suddenly the gas smell came along, so I started walking towards Starbucks.

But then I bumped into someone who was my cousin who lived with me. He is eighteen; I think he is 5’10.” I asked him if he wanted to go to Starbucks, and he said sure. So we went on and I saw that he had pretty expensive clothing and asked where he got it, and he said at the mall. When we got to Starbucks, his eyes seemed to be saying, “Are you going to buy the drinks?”   

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