A Crazy Christmas on Pine Ave.
Laura, Age 11, USA

One crazy Christmas, I could see from my bedroom window the kids running around the block. I noticed my neighbor’s Christmas lights shining like stars in the night. I could hear everybody singing happy songs. I didn’t really fell excited about Christmas because everyone left to go to MEXICO. We could all smell the delicious food my aunties and mom were cooking. They were cooking tamales, posole, ponche, and atole. This meal is a family tradition from Mexico.

My sister Cece is thirteen years old, and she is skinny. Her hair color is brown and her skin color is natural tan.

“What time is it?” my sister asked.

“Time for you to get a watch! I'M JUST KIDDING, don’t know?” I said.

“Oh well, bye, loser,” my sister said.

“It’s 9:00 pm, “I said.

My uncle invited me to McDonald's to buy something to eat because he doesn’t really like to eat Mexican food.

My uncle was ordering the food, so I was just looking around, and I had a great idea. I asked my uncle if he could buy something for those homeless people. We bought them a cheeseburger and water. “I WANT FRIES!” my cousin shouted

My uncle is thirty-four years old. He has black long hair. He is so skinny, and he has lots of muscles. He is married and he has two daughters and two sons. His skin color is as light as vanilla.

It was already 11:59 pm. Everyone was so excited because it was already 12:00 pm.

We opened our presents, and I got an iPod 5th generation. My cousin invited me to buy some chips at the gas station. When we got there, they gave us the chips free because we go there 24/7. We had to go to sleep because it was already 5:00 am in the morning.


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