The Dangerous Block
Alexander, Age 12, USA

It was an early summer morning when I noticed a gang member applying for an apartment where I live and kids playing soccer in the park. I heard my next door neighbors yelling,” Let’s go, Mexico!!! The temperature was hot. I felt really tired.

The next day at 12 o'clock the gang member was coming up, I was really scared!!! His age was twenty-one. He was not that tall and not that short, and his shape was skinny. His skin was as bright as vanilla. His eyes were as blue as water. He was a guy that didn’t study a lot. He never graduated from high school. His eyes seem to be saying,” I can’t find my apartment.” He didn’t seem cheerful.

He walked around after I told him where his apartment was, and the owner talked to the UPS guy that delivered something. My neighbors kept screaming, “Let’s go Mexico!!”
I can smell the aroma of tacos my neighbors were making.

I was feeling nervous because the police came and started tasing the gang member who moved into the apartment.

Then a pre-teen came toward me and said, “Do you know who broke into my apartment?"

I said, “No.”

His size was tall, his shape was skinny, his hair was black, and his eyes were as brown as a brown bear. His style was cool, and his clothes were green. His eyes seem to be saying, “Let’s go find the criminal.” The owner was scared of him.

The owner called 911 and people ran out of their houses because of the gunshots they heard near the park. I could hear the birds singing and migrating to another place. It was starting to get late. Like a mom taking care of her child, the pre-teen was taking care of me.

After all, this day went well, except for what the gang member did when they took him to jail for causing trouble. 

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