My Dog on Pine Street
Rafael, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

Early one summer, I woke up hearing my two dogs barking from across the street. The first one was a Labrador. He was as black as the night. My second dog was a mixed Chihuahua. He was a white as whip cream.

Both dogs cried when they always got caught and sent to the shelter. So my dogs barked so loudly that I felt like my ears popped off.

Later when I walked downstairs, I could smell a delicious breakfast: eggs, juicy bacon and sausage with my cup of homemade orange juice. All the four of us were eating calmly and silently.

When my dogs started barking again, they had a very good reason because a young man was messing with my dogs. Thatís why they were barking. So we told them to stop and to go away.

Later on, my uncle arrived; he had come to tell my dad the hours he had worked. When he finished, we played the Xbox 360 for a couple of hours.

We played too many games. Later, he said bye and left to his house. Later that night, my sister and I turned off the lights and checked the window, and you could see all the lights of the sirens flashing blue and red and we saw they were inside of our neighborís house. We saw they had arrested him, and we havenít seen him for decades.

Next morning I woke up with my bones cracking like sticks, and I remembered when we used to live in the garage. Now my dad has given us a good life. I thought about the house that my dad had rebuild for us and how hard he worked rebuilding the house we live in right now with three bathrooms and the three bedrooms. One is my sisterís and one is my dad and momís.

But when my dogs interrupted us, they were chasing a cat. My black Labrador was chasing that cat as fast as a cheetah. Then he had caught the cat and cracked his neck and had the cat as a chew toy for only one day because my mom found the cat dead in the dog house.

So later on my parents went to a party in San Francisco. They came back late and really tire, and that was the day the dogs escaped and that is Pine Street. Two dogs getting out all the time. It was the sixth time they escaped and sixth time we found them in the shelter. And thatís how my neighborhood is until this day. Because this neighborhood will be happy.

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