Rohin, Age 10, Calgary, AB

I am going to tell you a story. Now listen closely. In a town named Awu there were lots of slaves. They were held in a big wooden cage. There was a boy named Juan. Juan dreamed about freedom. Juan watched a lot of people get on a boat. He did not know where the other slaves went. The person that had all the slaves was evil. Juan started talking to his friends about it. His friends thought he was crazy and said getting off the boat using the lifeboats was impossible. He still was thinking about his plan. He started thinking about doing bad things he did not have to because they were moving the base for slaves. Everybody was forced to mop the boat. Then Juan told everyone of his plan to go free. Then the whole ship knew. When he yelled “RUN!” they all ran and got on to the rowboat. They found an island and played and played and they lived there for their whole life.

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