Christmas Gone Wrong
JaLijah, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

“Yippee, it’s almost Christmas!” yelled my baby brother. He yelled this from the window of our cozy three-bedroom apartment, which is a few blocks from my school. During a breezy winter afternoon, beautiful Christmas lights and decorations sparkled from most houses in the neighborhood, and hazelnut beautiful houses lit up with Christmas lights and decorations. As I walked down an alley near my house, I noticed a playground as red as an apple. When I entered the playground, I saw a baby blue mailbox near a neatly trimmed garden filled with gorgeous flowers and trees as well. The delicious smell of beef and bean burritos smothered with sour cream and green chili sauce blew from the basement doors of a nearby church. I felt like dogs—as happy as can be.

One sunny special Sunday morning, I woke up early to prepare for Church. It was bible study Sunday. I put on a cream colored skirt, a “tucked-in” white shirt, and a vest as black as charcoal. My mom wore a cream colored skirt. In addition, I have skin as brown as chocolate and short black hair as fluffy as a sheep’s fur. My eyes look like dark brown chocolate brownies shimmering in the sunlight. My eyes seemed to be saying, this Christmas would turn out to be great. The next day we all had a Christmas party, gathered around with friends and family. There were kids outside playing in the playground, screaming like crazy and playing hide-and-go-seek. Inside the houses there were adults giggling and having chitchat conversations considerately.

Soon we all decided to eat nachos smothered with delightful nacho cheese completed with ground beef and sour cream. Later, the party ended. A problem occurred when my little brother and I heard my mom on the phone talking to my aunt telling her that someone snuck into our window and stole my mom’s Christmas money to buy presents. She was so worried she started shaking with fear. My mom told me that she was going to work more time to get more money.

The next day I was worried, but I had a great creative plan…. “I’m going to have a bubble gum sale.” Although I was worried, I felt like I had to help my mom. But hey, who doesn’t like presents?

I called some of my family and friends to help me with my intelligent thought. We could make a bubblegum sale. We sold different flavors of bubblegum, such as mint, watermelon, strawberry, and more. We sold bubblegum in the front of our house on a wooden table with a sign that told the customers $1.00 for every packets of bubblegum. It was five hours later and we had $50 with 130 leftover packets of bubblegum. At that time we stopped our sale and began to give the money to my mom. When we gave my mom the money, she told us that she had raised $500 dollars from her job at Kaiser. My little brother and I were full of joy.

Today was Christmas Eve and we had all went out to Home Town Buffet. They served delicious food. We went to get food ourselves, whatever we wanted. We went back home and were extremely exhausted. When we woke up it was Christmas.

“Mom, wake up, it’s Christmas,” my little brother yelled. “Can we open our presents,
Mom?” my little brother asked with a nice bright smile.

“Yes, you can,” responded my mom.

“Thanks, Mom!” answered my little brother

When my little brother opened his presents, he received new shoes, games and clothes. I got clothes, money, shoes, and games.

We were so honored that we rewarded my mom with a gift from my little brother and me. I learned a new lesson and that one lesson was to be thankful and appreciate what you have.

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